Stay for me and not for the self – Part 1


During Baba’s month-long stay in Quetta, Chatti Baba [mast or God-intoxicated soul] would never stay indoors in his room, but would roam about all night outside amidst the cold, inclement weather. He was amazingly healthy, and to top it off, continued his daily bath of 100 buckets full of ice-cold water!

One day Baba told Krishna to go and ask Chatti Baba whether he wanted a bath. Krishna did so and at first Chatti Baba laughed, but then agreed. Baba came and began bathing him. During the bath he gestured to Krishna to ask Chatti Baba whether he felt cold. Krishna asked him and he said, “Cold? I’m on fire! … I’m burning up!”

Krishna looked puzzled and asked, “You’re having a cold bath, yet you feel that you are burning?”

Chatti Baba nodded toward Baba and said, “This fire is burning me!”

Baba wished to give Chatti Baba a bath every morning at 6 A.M. Krishna would prepare kangi (cream of wheat) and an omelette for the mast’s breakfast, and keep it ready, so that he could be fed immediately after his bath. On one occasion, Baba wanted the bathwater to be very hot. That morning, Krishna was late but by only ten minutes. Angrily, Baba knocked loudly on his door and demanded that he hurry up. Baba went to the other men and complained, “Krishna is eating and sleeping like a pig!”

Sending for Gustadji, he gestured to him, “I am so upset, I cannot forgive Krishna for his mistake. You’d better forgive him.”

Gustadji replied with hand signs, “If you cannot forgive him, Baba, how can I?”

Addressing Krishna, Baba scolded, “Why are you always so careless? I am paying you ten rupees per month, besides feeding you and sending money to your mother. And, still, you don’t do your duty properly. If you accept wages, then you must work faithfully and be honest.”,p2679

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