Faith in Baba restores eyesight


That night, Baba narrated to the women a story that Chanji had told him:

One of my devotees was working in an office, when suddenly he went blind. His family was miserable because of his plight. He was treated by doctors and taken to an optometrist. But they could do nothing for him, except counsel patience.

Chanji happened to visit the man. Chanji knew he had faith in me so he advised, “Keep Baba’s locket in water and apply the water to your eyes.” The man began faithfully following the advice, without resorting to any other treatment. He also stopped taking his prescribed medicine. Chanji sat with him as the man put a locket of me in a glass of water.

After a little while, he applied the water to his eyes. Chanji kept him company for the next two hours. Suddenly, the man saw a black spot, and in it appeared a vision of me walking toward him. He told Chanji, who was overjoyed.

The next day, Chanji again went to see him. His vision had continued to improve. He told Chanji, “Come closer. I can see you very dimly.” After that, his sight improved so quickly that within two days he returned to work, to the utter amazement of the doctors.
–, p2634

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