Violence and Non-Violence – Part 1

[Here is a series of messages Beloved Baba has given on the equation of individual to society in general, related to the topic of Non-violence. Later Baba discusses and analyses five representative scenarios as instructive examples for our understanding  —admin/webmaster]

Man has a tendency to cling to catchwords and allow his action to be determined by them almost mechanically without bringing his action in direct relation to the living perception which these words embody. Words have their own place and use in life; but if action is to be intelligent, it is imperatively necessary that the meaning which these words are intended to convey should be carefully analyzed and determined. Among the words which need this type of exploration, there are few which are as important as the words “violence” and “non-violence.” They have a direct bearing upon the ideologies which shape not only particular actions but also the entire tenor of life.

Spiritual life is a matter of perception and not a matter of mechanical conformity with rules, even when these rules are meant to stand for the highest values; it implies an understanding which goes beyond all words or formulations. All words and formulations have a tendency to limit the Truth: therefore, those who seek to bring out the spirit underlying these formulations have often to launch upon a searching analysis of the formulated principles, and supplement this analysis by constantly retaining touch with concrete examples taken from life. This is particularly true of those guiding principles of life which are formulated with the help of the opposite concepts of violence and non-violence.

The words violence and non-violence are, in ordinary references, applicable to such diverse situations in practical life that no exposition of the issues involved can be complete unless it takes note of these diverse situations and uses them as a starting point. However, for the purpose of exposition, it is not necessary to exhaust numerically all the possible diversities which would be covered by these words: it is enough to consider some of the most representative situations. The representative situations mentioned have been selected because of their capacity to yield abundant light on the fundamental values which center around the concepts of violence and non-violence.,p2778

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