Inwardly remembering Baba despite opposition is real worship

As in the Dehra Dun group, the question of a family member opposed to Baba was again raised. Pophali’s daughter, Nirmala, was especially keen […]

Difficulties and challenges have to be faced like a hero

Baba’s Samadhi under construction in 1938

The next morning, Baba called Pendu and said in a very serious tone, “I am giving […]

Opposition helps



Baba: Happy to see you.

Question: He is an artist who has encountered opposition and is trying to find […]

Opposition helps

An artist, a very fine man and much interested.

Q. Explains that he has waited for this meeting. He has encountered opposition […]

Opposition helps in Baba’s work


On November 11th, after breakfast, Norina asked Baba, “Why should everything apparently go wrong when you wish to work in Ceylon? The weather […]