Inwardly remembering Baba despite opposition is real worship

As in the Dehra Dun group, the question of a family member opposed to Baba was again raised. Pophali’s daughter, Nirmala, was especially keen to have Baba’s darshan, but her husband was vehemently against Baba. He warned her that if she went for Baba’s darshan, he would not allow her to return to his house. But, at the last moment, something happened to him internally and he completely changed, to the point of insisting that Nirmala accompany her father to the sahavas.

When they had Baba’s darshan, Pophali narrated the events to Baba, who advised the girl, “You must respect the wishes of your husband, treating him as Baba. If he does not want you to worship me, then throw away my photograph from your house. I will stay in your heart forever. Inwardly, remember me as often as you can. That is my real worship!”, p4265
Feb, 1958; Meherabad (1958 Sahavas)

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