The interplay of good and evil in life (1/2): Why is good preferable to bad

On April 27th, a discussion among the men mandali took place about the interplay of good and […]

Excellence with humility

Baba agreed to distribute trophies that day to several cricket teams of the Poona District Cricket Association. The different teams collected in the hall […]

Baba’s work: “If you work for Him honestly, with an open heart, God helps”

“God is free, independent; and to know Him, we must work wholeheartedly and with no reservation. One who is free does not like any […]

Baba’s-Work: Why Baba needs workers


“If you look back on my life and work, I never have anything permanent. Hospitals, schools, ashrams were constructed and pulled down, because […]

“Each one can perceive my glory according to his own capacity”

He [Baba] quoted one of his favorite couplets in Urdu, wherein the Master says to his devotee: “My glory is from here to […]

Wants of the body have kept you away from the threshold of Love

On 14 April, the following couplets of Hafiz (which Baba had previously translated into English) were read out:

Hafiz says:

O ignorant one! Strive, […]

Becoming footless and headless

How to become footless and headless?

Do whatever I tell you. Do not use your mind. When the […]

“Can you call this a life worth living?”

Baba asked Sanjeevani Deshmukh to translate this [the previous messages on obedience including “How to become footlesss and headless?”] into Marathi. She hesitated, saying […]

The ghazal that Beloved Baba sang for the last time before starting the unique Silence


The song that Beloved Baba sang for the last time before starting the unique Silence:

Please listen to the introduction by Bro. Cyrus […]

In between there is only silence and love

One morning Baba said: “Last night I was very restless. Still I have come to give My love.

Ask for only one thing: My […]