The interplay of good and evil in life (1/2): Why is good preferable to bad

On April 27th, a discussion among the men mandali took place about the interplay of good and evil in life, whereupon Baba stated:

As good is necessary, likewise bad is also necessary โ€“ just as positive and negative. Both are essential for action and evolution. If only good were to prevail everywhere, life would end! Both good or bad done to the extreme would lead to Self-Realization; for instance, absolute evil with no trace of good, or absolute good with no trace of bad at all โ€“ both are equally conducive to the attainment of the goal of Self-Realization.

If this is so, naturally it can be asked, “Why is good preferable to bad?” Both good and bad are zero, being nonexistent for those who are God-Realized. Both are terms of duality. But the Masters and Avatars give preference and advocate good over bad. This is only because good is really, spiritually speaking, easy for reaching the goal; though apparently, materially speaking, it is the reverse.

For example, bad is apparently easy โ€“ difficult, really! But the underlying principle in life being spiritual progress โ€“ true existence โ€“ comes against the material progress which is only apparent and not real. Thus, the Masters advocate good, being truly easy for mankind, as the better course to follow for true progress in the march of life to the goal of Realization.,ย p1721
Apr, 1936;ย Mysore


As a tree is judged, not by the size, but by the quality of its fruits, so a man’s worth should be judged, not by his talents, but by the use he makes of them.

(The sayings of Shri Meher Baba, p35)

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