Wants of the body have kept you away from the threshold of Love

On 14 April, the following couplets of Hafiz (which Baba had previously translated into English) were read out:

Hafiz says:

O ignorant one! Strive, so that one day you become a Master of Wisdom.
Unless you yourself have traversed the Path, how can you guide others?
In the Divine School, in the presence of the Perfect Master, O son,
Try, try, try to obey, so that one day you may also become the Father.
Like the brave men on the Path, wash your hands of this copper-like existence,
So that one day you gain the alchemy of love and become gold.
Wants of the body, sleep and food have kept you away from the threshold of Love.
You will attain union with the Beloved when you become free from all wants.

Baba explained:

It is very difficult to be without wants. “I want to sleep, I want to eat” — these are wants. “I do not want to sleep or to eat” — this also is a want. It is therefore rather impossible to be without wants. What then is the solution? Hafiz provides one.

Hafiz has said: Only the grace of the Perfect Master can make you free from all wants. Even if a wee bit of the effulgent glory of God were to be revealed, you would become millions of times brighter than the earth’s sun. If for one slight moment you have the fortune to drown yourself in the Ocean of Love, do not hesitate. That moment does not come frequently. As soon as the Master says, ‘Drown!’ do not hesitate. Drown the moment the Master commands you to drown. Don’t worry about what the world will think of you. The world will call you mad, but you should not hesitate.

If even one hair of yours is dipped in the Ocean of Love, you become “wet” eternally. In that bliss of Union with the Beloved that you then enjoy, there is no break. It is continuous. From head to foot you become God if in this Path you become footless and headless.

-www.lordmeher.org, p4658
Mar, 1960; Guruprasad

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