Nature of Love: “The price of knowing me is love – love, pure and simple”

[Final part, continued from previous post on “Nature of love”]

How?[to begin to increase […]

Inviting registrations for this 2-day Residential Seminar on “Positive Living” at Avatar Meher Baba Hyderabad Center, Jubilee Hills

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Hearty Jai Baba! Continuing the practice of biennial seminars since 2012, a special residential seminar for the young adults in the […]

Trust God and live contented and happy

A child’s trust in his mother is complete because he leaves all his worries to her. She has to take care of […]

“Do not think much over petty questions, and wear out your mind”

Do not think much over petty questions, and wear out your mind. This constant thinking weighs heavy on your mind, and causes you much […]

“Think of me in everything you do”

…Baba also stressed to them that they should always think of him in everything they did. He stated:

…You should think of […]

What is fasting of the mind?

What is fasting of the mind? It is to have no thoughts. This in itself is impossible, but remember me as often as you […]

Leaving everything to Him: Say “Baba, your will is my will”

Adarsh Khare said, “I want such love whereby I can really see you.”

Baba replied, “For such love, my grace is required.

If showered […]

Leaving everything to Him: : “Leave everything to me and be free.”

On the 24th, Baba permitted his company to several of his local lovers, such as the Khilnanis, Viloo, her daughters Gulnar and Freiny, Piroja, […]

“Don’t get upset over trivialities”

The next morning, Baba gathered the mandali at about eight o’clock. He questioned Chhagan about his sour disposition, which had been gloomy since the […]