Leaving everything to Him: : “Leave everything to me and be free.”

On the 24th, Baba permitted his company to several of his local lovers, such as the Khilnanis, Viloo, her daughters Gulnar and Freiny, Piroja, Banumasi, and Sam Kerawala and his daughters.

Baba asked Prem Khilnani, “What are you thinking?” Khilnani told him about his continued anxiety over his promotion. Baba advised him to remain like a fakir — that is, to be indifferent. Baba asked Nariman to quote this verse of Kabir:

The whole world is devoured by worry,

and worry is its master,

but he who swallows worry is the true fakir!

“Be a fakir!” Baba urged Prem. “I am the Fakir of fakirs! Leave everything to me and be free. All this [creation] is nothing into Nothing! There is nothing except me!”

-www.lordmeher.org, p5203
Feb, 1966; Meherazad

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