“Cross life’s seas to my safe harbor”

If from now till I depart You love me with a single heart, All stains will be washed away, Your soul will […]

Baba’s method of pulling us out of maya – Nilu and marriage

Baba narrated another incident about Nilu to Donkin:

When Nilu first came to me, I inquired about him getting married. He wanted […]

Baba’s method of pulling us out of maya – Nilu and the cow dung story


Donkin had escorted her (Rano) in the tonga, and on the way back he bought some toffees for the mandali.

When they got […]

Consider Other’s wealth as stone

ON JUNE 13th, looking at Kishan Singh, Baba quoted this verse from Tulsidas on his alphabet board:

“Consider others’ wealth as stone, […]

The need for special manifestation of God


Another learned man Dr. Brunner, a professor of theology at Zurich University, asked, “Does Baba believe that the way to God is possible […]

“I am the selfsame Christ who was nailed on the cross”

While looking at the figures depicted at the Last Supper, Baba commented:

I loved John intensely. I remember John and Judas [more] […]

“Only love for God works the miracle”

But he who has attained divine love needs no book! In spite of reading and explanations, words […]

Happy Birthday Mehera Mai!

Happy Birthday Mehera!


Baba spoke to them about Mehera: “Mehera is the purest of women… (p4429)

“In my love, first comes Mehera, and […]

Help us to be worthy of your beautiful love

Afterwards all stood while Mehera, facing Baba’s picture, led us as always in saying, ‘Beloved… Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!’ three times. She followed […]

Selfishness is the root cause of all troubles

Selfishness is the root cause of all troubles. It is all the more dangerous because, under the subtle influence of selfishness, the worst evils […]