At the Junction of Reality and Illusion


The time I have been hinting at has come. The universal work weighs tremendously on me. Maya, the principle of ignorance, […]

The Dream of Materialism – Part-2 (Final)


I am bound because of people’s bondage, and fed up and miserable because of their fed-upness and misery. The greatest scientists […]

The Dream of Materialism – Part-1


The condition of the world, the strife and uncertainty that is everywhere, the general dissatisfaction with and rebellion against any and […]

The Procession of Creation


God is Infinite and Eternal. And His Imagination is also Infinite and Eternal. God’s Imagination is unending, and the Creation which is the […]

An example of the working of the law of Karma

To show you how karma persists as a connecting link and a life- determining factor of future […]

To get free from this business of karma


The wheel of births and deaths ceaselessly turns. You are born as a male, as a female; rich, poor; brilliant, dull; […]

The grip of illusion


In the dream state you enjoy and suffer. When you wake you realize that your enjoyment and suffering was nothing but a dream—an […]

Try your best to want what Baba wants


Always do what I want, instead of wanting me to want what you want. Most of you want me to want what you […]

Love [8-Final]: Pure love is very rare

The kind of love that is awakened by the grace of the Master is a rare privilege. […]

Love [7]: Spiritual preparation for grace

The descent of the grace of the Master is conditioned, however, by the preliminary spiritual preparation of […]