The Procession of Creation


God is Infinite and Eternal. And His Imagination is also Infinite and Eternal. God’s Imagination is unending, and the Creation which is the product of His Imagination goes on endlessly expanding. How can man imagine this Imagination with his finite imagining? His highest flights of imagination (intellect) can never bring him the faintest idea of God’s Imagination. And God’s Reality is beyond this again. When you cannot imagine even the Imagination of God, how infinitely more impossible it is to fathom His Reality.

In what is called space numberless universes are continuously created, sustained and destroyed. This procession of creation continues so long as God goes on imagining. And when God’s Imagination is suspended, as it is at moments in Eternity when God withdraws Himself into His Sound Sleep State (just as a man’s imagination ceases when he is in deep sleep), the Creation is withdrawn and dissolved (Mahapralaya).

Creation, Preservation and Dissolution are based on Ignorance. In fact there is no such thing as creation, so preservation and dissolution never actually occur. The very cosmos has no foundation save that of Ignorance.

Ignorance believes: The cosmos is a reality; birth, death, old age, wealth, honour, are real.

Knowledge knows: The cosmos is a dream. God alone is Real.

-The Everything and the Nothing, p87



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