Try your best to want what Baba wants


Always do what I want, instead of wanting me to want what you want. Most of you want me to want what you want; and when you succeed in getting me to agree to what you want you are delighted and even tell others that that is what I want! For example, one of you brings a youth to me saying, Baba, this is so and so. He is a double graduate and would be an excellent match for my daughter who is also a double graduate. I need your approval. When I do not approve, you persist saying, But Baba, he really is a good boy and would suit my daughter very much. So I say, Is that so? All right—approved! And as soon as you step out of the room you start telling others that I want your daughter to marry that youth. This sort of thing is common with most of you. When I approve of what you want to do, you say, It is what Baba wants me to do. Be honest and careful in what you say. What I want of you is that you try your best to want what Baba wants.

I know it is not easy to want what I want. In fact, it is impossible for you to want what I want, for it is impossible for you to love me as I should be loved. But at least, do not always be wanting me to want what you want, and try your utmost to put your heart and soul into doing whatever I want you to do.

Only intense love for me can bring you to obey me as I want you to.

– The Everything and the Nothing, p42

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