The Law of Karma

The law of Karma is the counterpart of the law of cause and effect, which operates in the physical world. If there were no […]

The Law of Truth, the supreme law

The whole universe with all its laws is subject to the supreme law of Truth. It is ever being administered impersonally, as well as […]

The Repentance prayer



[Before participating himself in Repentance prayer as a devotee in the Fiery Life, Baba said:]

I want you all to […]

The working of the law of karma


There is a king who has vast possessions. But he is a worthless king. He spends all his energy and money in selfish […]

To get free from this business of karma


The wheel of births and deaths ceaselessly turns. You are born as a male, as a female; rich, poor; brilliant, dull; […]

Truth is of God, Law is of Illusion

There are two things: Truth and Law.Truth belongs to God, Law belongs to Illusion.

Illusion is infinitely vast yet it is […]

Repeated sincere prayers can effect an exit from the inexorable law of Karma

“Through repeated sincere prayers it is possible to effect an exit from the otherwise inexorable working out of the law of karma. […]

The Self, ego and bindings – The law of karma

All things are governed by laws of one kind or another. Even insignificant business concerns and public institutions have their laws and cannot function […]