The Dream of Materialism – Part-2 (Final)


I am bound because of people’s bondage, and fed up and miserable because of their fed-upness and misery. The greatest scientists themselves are becoming dismayed at the areas of knowledge still beyond them and appalled at what their discoveries may unleash. It will not be long now before they admit the existence of this eternal Reality which men call God, and which is unapproachable through the intellect.

The ordinary man, although he is completely fed up with being cheated of the prize that materialism promises and appears to deny the existence of God and to have lost faith in everything but the immediate advantage, never really loses his inborn belief in God and faith in the Reality which is beyond the illusion of the moment. His apparent doubt and loss of faith is because of a desperation of mind only, it does not touch his heart. Look at Peter. He denied Christ. Desperation made his mind deny, but in his heart he knew that Christ was what He was. The ordinary man never loses faith. He is as one who climbs up a mountain a certain distance and, experiencing cold and difficulty of breathing, returns to the foot of the mountain. But the scientific mind goes on up the mountain until its heart freezes and dies. But this mind is becoming so staggered by the vastness still beyond it, that it will be forced to admit the hopelessness of its quest and turn to God, the Reality.

-The Everything and the Nothing, p89

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