The fabric of the Universe – the goal is conscious inaction

With most men the life of action means nothing but inner confusion and outer chaos — a jumble from which they cannot extricate themselves. […]

The fabric of the Universe – The human soul has three bodies gross, subtle and mental

It is natural for the human mind to desire to know the general structure of the universe. It is also helpful to have a sort of […]

God and Religion

To speak metaphorically, God is in the center of a circle, the circumference of which is the universe. The various radii from the circumference […]

Little Shireen’s conversations with Baba

Shireen (7 years old) turned to whisper something to one of the men sitting near her, but Baba motioned her to speak freely. She […]

The Calculus of Opposites – An action should have the wholehearted support of the innermost

In the above example another point is clarified. If an action does not have the whole-hearted support of the innermost being of a person, […]

The Calculus of Opposites – counterbalancing of opposites


One special feature of the sex opposites is that while remaining in counterbalancing opposition to each other, they are more patently and firmly […]

The Calculus of Opposites – Illusory evolution proceeds through opposites

If success and failure become independent of their accentuation by the felt duality of others, they become something entirely different from what they generally […]

The Calculus of Opposites – Spiritual unfoldment takes place through experience of such opposites

[A related topic to Sanskaras that gives a clear perspective opposites and their balancing, presented in a short series to take the message in […]

Sanskaras – The release from them


The release from Sanskaras takes place in the follow five ways:

(1) CESSATION OF NEW SANSKARAS. This consists in putting an end to […]

Sanskaras – the accumulated imprints of past experience shroud the consciousness

The acquisition of the Sanskaras may be likened to the winding up of a piece of string round a stick, the string representing the […]