Little Shireen’s conversations with Baba

Shireen  (7 years old) turned to whisper something to one of the men sitting near her, but Baba motioned her to speak freely. She said, “I just had a thought, Baba. If God is everywhere and in everyone, then [pointing at Baba] who is that sitting in the chair?”

Baba replied, “God in human form. God is everywhere indeed, but can you see Him in everything? Can you feel Him in everyone you meet? You certainly do not. So I — God — have assumed this form of man to tell you and awaken you all to the fact that God is everywhere and in everyone and in everything. I am the God-Man.”

… Afterwards, this exchange between her and Baba took place: “Baba, I know we are born again and again, but you are God; so how is it that you get born?” she asked.

Baba replied, “Once in a while, God takes birth because of His love for His creation. I am born in human form so that you may see me as you are, and if you are fortunate to know me and love me, then some day you will see me as I really am.”

“You are in all of us, then are we all in you?”

Baba nodded, “Yes, that is so.”

“We are your children, then why can’t we stay with you?”

“If you love me, then I am with you, wherever you are staying.”

“If I did not love you, Baba — oh, I am not saying I don’t, because I do love you! — but just supposing I did not, then it would not be my fault, would it? It would be because you did not want me to love you!”

“Yes, it is all my will. My will governs the creation. You love me because I want you to love me.”

The family came to Meherazad the following day also to be with Baba. At another time, while seated in the hall with Baba and the mandali, Shireen was absorbed in gazing at one of Baba’s framed portraits on the wall. In the painting, she noticed a light around Baba’s head. “What is that around Baba’s head?” she asked.

One of the mandali replied, “The circle of light represents the halo around Baba.”

Baba explained it to her more simply, gesturing, “It is my Light, Shireen.”

“But Baba,” she protested, “I don’t see it around you!”

Baba asked her to look at the picture again. He then motioned for her to close her eyes, and when she did so, she was asked, “Now, do you see the light glowing around the face in the picture?” Still closing her eyes, she replied no.

“Open your eyes. Can you see the circle of light in the picture now?”

“Yes, Baba,” Shireen said.

“I am Light, the Ocean of Light. You cannot see it with ordinary eyes. The eye that sees this Light is different. When that eye is opened you will see my Light more clearly than you can now see the light painted in the picture.”

“Why can’t you open that eye, Baba?”

“I can. But for that, my grace has to descend, and for my grace to descend on you, you have to love me as I should be loved.”

“Will that Light burn me if I see it?”

“No, it cannot burn you, it will make you blissful and very happy.”

“When will I see that Light?”

“When you really want to see it, you will. Just as when a child is really hungry and cries for food, the mother feeds it.

When you are really hungry for it, you will get the sight to see my Light.”

“When will I be really hungry for it?”

“When you love me as I should be loved.

“How can I love you like that?”

“By remembering me all the time, with all your heart.”

“By what name should I remember you?”

“Say, ‘Baba, Baba, Baba …’ ”

Shireen was quite receptive to all that Baba revealed to her. During her talk with him, she seemed oblivious of the others sitting in the room. After some time, when Baba asked her what she was thinking about, she gazed sweetly at Baba and just opened and closed her lips, uttering in a low, sweet voice, “Ba … Ba.”, p5112
Jan, 1965; Meherazad

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