Sanskaras – the accumulated imprints of past experience shroud the consciousness

The acquisition of the Sanskaras may be likened to the winding up of a piece of string round a stick, the string representing the Sanskaras and the stick representing the mind of the individual soul. The winding up starts from the beginning of the creation and persists through all the evolutionary stages and human form, and the wound string represents all the positive Sanskaras—natural as well as non-natural.

It is only when consciousness is unobscured and unconditioned by any Sanskaras that the initial will-to-be-conscious arrives at its final and real fruition, and the infinity and the indivisible unity of the Absolute is consciously realized.

Human beings do not have self-illumination, because their consciousness is shrouded in Sanskaras or the accumulated imprints of past experience. In them the will-to-be-conscious with which evolution started has succeeded in creating consciousness. But it does not arrive at the knowledge of the Oversoul, because the individual soul is impelled to use consciousness for experiencing Sanskaras instead of utilizing it for experiencing its own true nature as the Oversoul.

-’Gems from The Discourses of Meher Baba’, p23


“Keep your hearts clean and love me. Don’t let any other thoughts intervene. When the heart is clean, I abide in it. As soon as the heart is cleansed of filth – sanskaras – I am found there, as I am there already.” (,p3919)

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