“I feel every heartbeat in creation”


On December 30th, while expounding on the universe, Meher Baba revealed:

The speed of the revolving of the universe is so tremendous that […]

The way to play cricket like a real sportsman


Play cricket for the sake of playing the game. Don’t think of victory or defeat, but, like a real sportsman, give pleasure to […]

“I am the slave of your love”

Someone who wanted Baba’s blessing for a job reminded him, “Baba, you say you are the […]

Make others happy through your love

Don Stevens read the third message “Freedom from Opposites” once more. And Baba added:

Liberation: The way to get liberated from these bindings is through love


Christ said, “Leave all and follow me.” What did that mean?

Don replied, “I assume it means literally to leave everything and follow […]

Liberation: Every action binds us

Don Stevens read The Law of Karma a second time …

Although the whole universe is illusion, yet it is governed by a law, […]

Don’t engage mind in worry

Although Gadekar had passed his exams, he was worried about his further studies. On the night of 5 June, Baba advised Gadekar,

“Due to […]

Deceivers are our friends

If people act dishonestly with us, if people create difficulties for us, if people deceive us, and […]

32nd Anniversary of Avatar Meher Baba Hyderabad Jubilee Hills Center – 11-Nov-2018



Transformation but not repression

[The situation was everyone especially Mansari got fed-up with monkey Lucky because of its pranks]

Baba said :

Someone asked Hafiz what spirituality meant […]