“I feel every heartbeat in creation”


On December 30th, while expounding on the universe, Meher Baba revealed:

The speed of the revolving of the universe is so tremendous that it is impossible to tell whether it is spinning in motion. Look how many people, creatures, and inanimate things there are in this world. Every person and thing has a pulse; everyone has thoughts – hundreds of thoughts per minute. If all of these thoughts of the whole mass of humanity and all other living beings in the world are put together, no one would be able to measure or think of them. The amount is so measureless.

Such tremendous speed has no calculable speed. It looks as if it is at a standstill. The pulse of the whole universe is so infinite; but this pulse I measure, I observe and I feel. Think of what it must be. I know what the President of the United States thinks or will think tomorrow. I know the same about the Prime Minister of England. It does not take me even a moment to know their thoughts.

You wonder, “How is it possible?” I say it is possible because all this is so close to me. Suppose I pinch Vasant’s hand, cheek or belly. Does he feel it? He does because all these are parts of his body. If I pinch him simultaneously at several places, he would feel the pinches. In the same way, the universe has stuck to me; it is part and parcel of my being. I know and understand the thought of each and every living being and thing in the universe. How? Because I have clasped the universe to my bosom so tightly that I feel every heartbeat in creation.

-www.lordmeher.org, p1003
Dec, 1928; Meherabad


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