The way to play cricket like a real sportsman


Play cricket for the sake of playing the game. Don’t think of victory or defeat, but, like a real sportsman, give pleasure to the spectators. If you play with all your heart to make the spectators happy, it is a great work done by you. But if you play with the thought of not getting out, you will make the spectators unhappy and you will have wasted their money. Do not make things boring for the spectators. After all they come with the hope of seeing some bright and good cricket. I give my blessings so that you may play the game for itself., p5009
May, 1963; Guruprasad


“Keep happy and cheerful and never worry about the environment in which you find yourself…everything is in its place according to the Divine Plan and because of the Love of the God-Man for his creation.”
(The Awakener magazine, Vol 19, No. 2, P2)

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