As a child would love his mother

From The Beloved to a Lover

Do not, observe prolonged silence nor meditate. Do not serve yourself by doing so. You who lead a […]

“Not only do I dispense justice, but I also forgive”

I have come and taken this body for other purposes. I am the Ocean of Mercy, Compassion and Love.

“We know there are judges […]

Uncontrolled mind


On 8 June, Baba explained to the Western group:

All that smells good is not good. When you direct […]

Evolution and involution process goes on forever


Someone then posed the question to Baba why he did not destroy all this illusion. Baba gave this explanation in reply: […]

A miracle is an illusion into illusion

Rustom was there and said, “Baba, you should raise an incredible tower here in one night, higher and grander than the Qutub Minar [in […]

Abstain from taking part in political activities or discussion


“Although I am in everyone and in everything, and my work is for the spiritual awakening of all mankind, I am […]

Each clings to his own different interpretation


If a lecturer speaks today before a gathering of five hundred, and the same subject is repeated by the five hundred listeners to […]

A story of a succession of surrenders


Spiritual advancement is a story of a succession of surrenders one after another, until the goal of the final surrender of the separate […]

The futility of false values in life

Later that day, January 6th, Baba remarked about the [Second world] war and India:

The greatest lesson that this war has taught to all […]

“It is her good fortune that she has still stuck to me.”

On Saturday, 11 May 1963, a woman came with a garland for Baba. Baba commented to those gathered near him, “She was once very […]