Uncontrolled mind


On 8 June, Baba explained to the Western group:

All that smells good is not good. When you direct the mind then there is no worry. But this is very difficult. After all, what does it matter?

When the mind stops consciously, there is unfathomable bliss. One cannot describe that bliss. [That state] is not Realization, but one step before it. 

The human mind works fast. An uncontrolled mind plays havoc with one’s soul. But [teasing Delia] your uncontrolled mind plays havoc with my hair. 

My mind is like the ocean, bad and good, and all the filth and good of the universe is absorbed in it. You think good thoughts, I absorb it. You think bad thoughts, I absorb it. Like water in a small pool, if the filth seeps into it, it pollutes the water. But if these good and bad thoughts become absorbed in the ocean, they are just washed away because the ocean is so tremendous. Your limited mind becomes stagnant with a few bad thoughts, but even universal bad thoughts cannot affect my ocean-like mind.

-www.lordmeher.org, p1846
June, 1937; Meherabad



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