As a child would love his mother

From The Beloved to a Lover

Do not, observe prolonged silence nor meditate. Do not serve yourself by doing so. You who lead a dedicated life in My Cause have no need for such discipline. You are close to me and very dear to me. I know how you strive to be merged in My Love. I want you not to strive for this, but to allow your dear love to flow freely to Me in its natural course.

Keep remembering me with love in your daily activities.

The Ocean of my Love is yours to fill your heart with. Obey me implicitly if one day you want to know me as I am. To obey the God-Man is the highest form of worship to God in human form.

Simplest thing for you to do is just love me in the most natural way, as a child would love his mother.

Keep happy and cheerful and never worry about the environment in which you find yourself…everything is in its place according to the Divine Plan and because of the Love of the God-Man for his creation.

I want you to lead a normal, loving, honest life in My Love and Service – keeping in mind to please Me always.

-The Awakener Magazine, Vol 19, No. 2, P 2

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