Different approaches to the same one Truth

Baba then called on Kalemama, Khak Saheb, Don and Kaikobad to recite particular passages from the Gita, Koran, Bible and Avesta respectively; and, as they were reading, Baba would intermittently explain the meaning of the selected passages.

When Don stood up to read the Sermon on the Mount from the New Testament (King James Bible), Baba said, “This is my favorite section in the Bible.”

After the other readings, Baba stated:

These are all but different approaches to the same one Truth — God; and therefore the real purport of each book is just the same. These approaches can be broadly divided into two kinds — indirect and direct: that is, impersonal and personal. In spite of such distinctions, equally same results can be achieved and have been achieved through either of the ways.
What can be understood in a flash by spiritual experience takes ages to grasp intellectually.

-www.lordmeher.org, p2712
June, 1949; Meherazad


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