A miracle is an illusion into illusion

Rustom was there and said, “Baba, you should raise an incredible tower here in one night, higher and grander than the Qutub Minar [in Delhi]. If you do it, millions would come to you and accept you as a Sadguru. How will people believe in you without your proving your powers?”

Baba dictated this reply:

Have you ever heard of any Sadguru or the Avatar having performed such a feat? The effect of such a miracle would be disastrous.

You think millions would approach me and enter the spiritual path. You are right in one way: There would be no limit to their numbers and they would come to revere me! But so many would come full of worldly desires they wished to have fulfilled! Those who needed money would say, “You have raised such a big minaret in one night; why don’t you give us a few thousand rupees by your powers.” Some would come in the hope of my relieving them of their suffering. Others would come with a desire to be freed of their worldly entanglements.

It would reach such an extent that those who really wanted to live a life of renunciation would approach me thinking I should tell them to stop all the austerities and penances, which they must undergo, and give them liberation by my miracle! They wouldn’t come to me for myself or out of love for me; they would come out of their love for miracles and would, as a result, achieve nothing.

This whole world is an illusion; and a miracle is an illusion into illusion.

-www.lordmeher.org, p1009
Feb, 1929; Meherabad

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