The human form

The human form is the last form in evolution and it is the highest. Although it is the last and highest form in […]

The relief for every kind of suffering

People of all religions and communities poured in for Baba’s darshan, including the poorest and the richest of the town. During the darshan, Baba […]

How can I be honest?

“How can I be honest?” one of the visitors asked.

[First,] become honest with yourself. There should not be the slightest tinge of hypocrisy […]

Commit not the same error again

[An important period for Baba people all over the world commenced on June 21. Baba asked his lovers in the East and the West […]

Love, obedience and surrender

Love is a gift from God to man. Obedience is a gift from Master to man. Surrender is a gift from man […]

You must try to obey

One of the group asked, “What if we want to obey, but for some reason are not able to do so physically […]

Devotion, obedience and love

At one point, Baba again warned that continually thinking of how to get rid of the […]

What is that action which is I-less?

Patwardhan came to sing before Baba that day, and asked, “What is that action which is I-less? What is not […]

God-Realization and human ego

On April 30th, Jamshed Mehta, the mayor of Karachi, came to see Baba. Baba praised his sincere efforts and sympathetic treatment of the poor […]

The difference between principle and practice

On this occasion, Baba explained to them about the difference between principle and practice:

Truth, indeed, is the best principle or rule […]