The New Life: God-Man’s love is great for those who really suffer

From Madras, Baba and the men entrained for Hyderabad, where they stayed for nine days. In an Idgah (Muslim place of worship), Baba sat […]

The New Life: “My merciful Krishna!” (Part 2 of 2)

The girl had been praying to Krishna. Eruch inquired of the girl about the man, and she quietly answered, “He is my father, but […]

The New Life: “My merciful Krishna!” (Part 1 of 2)

On one occasion, Baba was sitting at a place in Madras, when he suddenly gestured that he felt thirsty.

He sent Eruch to buy […]

The New Life: Their spontaneous offering of love was a touching sight

[On October 21st 1950, Baba departed from Mahabaleshawar on a six-week tour of India – Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa , Bihat, West Bengal […]

The New Life: Baba’s Sermon

Don then read Baba’s Sermon:

Being just now in the Old Life for these few hours, I will tell you what I […]

The New Life: The incident that turned a revolutionary into a staunch lover (Part-2 of 2)

Unknown to anyone in the hall, this whole scene impacted one man in the group even more profoundly. He had come with the others […]

The New Life: The incident that turned a revolutionary into a staunch lover (Part-1 of 2)

Meher Baba at Mahabaleshwar, 16 October, 1950

[Baba left Dehra Dun on 17th June 1950 to move to Satara. From Satara Baba and […]

The New Life: The immeasurable gift of Baba’s physical contact to the saints, sadhus and mahatmas

Accompanied by Aloba, Baidul, Eruch, Gustadji, Murli, Pendu, Keki Desai, Keki Nalavala, and the servant-boy Satyapal, Baba left Manjri Mafi for Motichur on Friday, […]

The New Life: Don provided an example of love for him in the New Life worthy of being followed

Pendu, Don [Dr. William Donkin], Sadashiv, Baidul and Aloba arrived with the caravan, tongas and bullock cart on the 20th. Baba’s protective gaze […]

The New Life: Baba accepts Todi Singh’s request to offer bhiksha (Part -3 of 3)

On January 16th, Todi Singh returned to Manjri Mafi with his entire family: his mother, wife, daughter and sister with her little son. With […]