The New Life: Their spontaneous offering of love was a touching sight

[On October 21st 1950, Baba departed from Mahabaleshawar on a six-week tour of India – Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa , Bihat, West Bengal […]

The New Life: Eruch receives abundant food in bhiksha from an old man

No obligation on either side in begging: “Baba’s name was not to be disclosed and begging was also to be done cheerfully and lovingly. […]

The New Life: The New Life: The fortunate poor woman

Meher Baba had spent twelve days in Sarnath. At seven o’clock on Monday morning 12 December 1949, Baba, leading the way, left Sarnath on […]

The New Life: Begging in Benares

[Conditions for begging in Benares laid down by Baba] From Benares onwards, the begging will be natural. For training purposes at Benares, we ought […]