The New Life: Don provided an example of love for him in the New Life worthy of being followed

Pendu, Don [Dr. William Donkin], Sadashiv, Baidul and Aloba arrived with the caravan, tongas and bullock cart on the 20th. Baba’s protective gaze had saved them from “the jaws of death.” Someone on the way had shown them a shortcut from Najibabad to Dehra Dun and, disregarding Baba’s advice to stay on the main road, they took it. At a wild and lonely place, while crossing a stream, the caravan’s wheels got stuck and could not be pulled out of the mud.

At a loss of what to do, Pendu suggested that Don should decide what should be done. Don advised chopping off tree branches and strewing them over the path. All concurred and set about it. The work was strenuous, and it was past evening by the time they had finished. No water was available even for drinking — cooking anything was out of the question. Don noticed some water in a hole, but it looked filthy. Nevertheless, he told Aloba to boil it for fifteen minutes and then make tea. Aloba hurried through the task, and without listening properly, he prepared tea within fifteen minutes. Desperately thirsty, they drank it anyway. After much endeavor they were able to free the caravan from the morass. But it was now pitch dark in a jungle inhabited by tigers and bears.

They proceeded in the darkness and luckily saw a forest guard’s hut. The watchman was sleeping and had locked the door from inside.

He was awakened and told they wanted to pass the night there. He agreed, but said it was quite dangerous for the animals to remain unprotected. The guard lit a lamp, and after tying the animals in a circle, the companions slept under the caravan, tonga and bullock cart, as all three vehicles were full of baggage. The roar of tigers was heard occasionally. Lying on the ground in the freezing cold, they remembered Baba for protection.

At dawn they left the place and proceeded. At times, they were drenched in rain. Thus, passing through much hardship, they arrived in Manjri Mafi after an eight-day journey. By not following Baba’s original advice, they had to experience these severities; but they learned a lesson. Don showed the greatest courage, which brave-hearted men like Pendu and Baidul appreciated. Baba later stated that Don provided an example of love for him in the New Life worthy of being followed., p2874
January, 1950; Travel from Najibabad to Manjri Mafi


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