Remain Happy

In 1962 at the East-West gathering, Bal Natu described a visit to Baba by several people. During the course of the conversation, reference to […]

“Any remark or criticism that does not hurt is good”

Innocent and fair criticism does not hurt and is good, but it is quite rare. What I mean by talking ill of others is […]

“Never to hurt the heart of another”

I’ve told you before how when I was young I used to take pride in always telling the truth. I hurt a lot of […]

Holding up Divinity

Baba once remarked, “When I manifest, I will be seen at a thousand places at one and the same time!”

A visitor asked, “Baba, […]

Let go!

At another time He said, “Love and forget. This is the only thing that matters and it pays…. Learn to janey doe [let go] […]

Misjudging the “veil” for the darkness

Questioner: It is through many reverses in life that one learns and finds Light. I learnt a lot from this, and besides got time […]

How can I have happiness?

Question. How can I have happiness ?

Baba: Everyone in the world, consciously or unconsciously, seeks happiness in one form or another. You […]

A happy cheerful face

One felt Baba’s personal interest served a double purpose, for it also served as a point of contact with the doer. It seemed that […]

“If you want to alter anything, start with actions”

The next morning, February 7th, Baba called the two Australian ladies(Ena Lemmon and Clarice Adams)  to Ashiana, where he explained to them:

Be […]

Be firm as a rock in your faith

Delia De Leon with Baba

On 2 October 1938, Baba had written Delia DeLeon in England:

Be patient. […]