Remain Happy

In 1962 at the East-West gathering, Bal Natu described a visit to Baba by several people. During the course of the conversation, reference to reading and books was made. Aloba was called to recite some lines of Hafiz in Persian meaning: “Happiness and misery are the lot of life and are experienced in the circle of duality. Once one gets out of this circle the duel of duality vanishes. Hence happiness and misery mean nothing.”

One visitor said, “Baba, in a way we understand this pretty well, but we cannot live up to it and cannot help being miserable though this is all a game of nothing!”

Baba replied, “Mere verbal knowledge does not help much, but remember one thing, if misery and happiness are in the domain of Nothing and are really nothing, then why not always choose to be happy? Remain happy. Try to remain happy. Know that God alone is and all else is nothing.”

-How A Master works, pp557-558

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