Inculcate the high truths

One of the Baba lovers then said that understanding derived through reading is vague and later on becomes confusing, so he had quit reading books on spiritual subjects. The first visitor said, “When we are with our Master, Baba, reading becomes inessential, but when we are away from Baba, reading his books and meditating on the themes mentioned therein are the real solace in life for me.”

Baba stated, “The effect of reading depends upon the kind of books and the value you attach to them. We find people quarreling in the name of religion. Is it not like dogs, fighting for the bare bones which have no marrow in them?”

Aloba then repeated Hafiz’ lines: “The real lovers of God and Master do not pay heed to ritualistic books but inculcate the high truths revealed by the Perfect Masters.”

-How A Master works, pp557-558

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