Baba’s blessings



Sarosh and Viloo’s son, Merwan, returned from England and was to be married to Anita, his Swiss fiancée. One day he and […]

The need for active effort



Commenting on the statement, “Finding God is the eternal problem and struggle,” Baba explained:

It is true. But one must not stop […]

“All you have to do is to obey me”




Madhusudan then sang a few ghazals whose meaning would occasionally be interpreted by Baba. He said:

On the Path, cowards have […]

World cleansing



“It seems that every personal ego has to come up to the surface and function, before it can be destroyed, so the […]

No one wins, no one loses

The conditions that prevail in the world today are the cause of its suffering. […]

Hypocrisy is a million-headed cobra


Their first stop was the bungalow of the district judge, Krishna Rao Naidu, where Baba gave this message on honesty:

I have lately […]

“Love me, obey me; that is all”

In the evening, for the first time in his life, Baba himself led the […]

The Doctor is waiting for the cataract to ripen for operation

The present world chaos is the beginning of a spiritual manifestation. For instance, if a man develops a cataract in his eye, it curtains […]

For the eventual universal spiritual upliftment



On 21 June 1940, Baba had dictated the following message:

The present world chaos and the universal suffering are absolutely necessary for […]

The need for discrimination in being frank


On March 11th, Baba gathered the men mandali and explained to them:

To be frank and fair is a quality and […]