The Doctor is waiting for the cataract to ripen for operation

The present world chaos is the beginning of a spiritual manifestation. For instance, if a man develops a cataract in his eye, it curtains his vision, obstructing things and he cannot see properly. The only remedy is to remove the curtain, which means an operation on the cataract by an eye surgeon. But before the doctor operates he allows the cataract to ripen.

Similarly, the present condition of the world is due to mankind being steeped and drowned in materialism, indulging in self-interest and greed, which has drawn a curtain before the eye, obstructing spiritual vision and development. It has worsened to the point of creating chaos all over the world which is a clear indication of the cataract being quite ripe for surgery.

This is what’s happening in the world today. When the operation is performed, the diseases of ignorance, greed and lust will all be removed and the vision of the world will once again be restored to see things from a spiritual perspective as they are meant to be. The doctor is ready to operate; he waits only for the cataract to ripen!, p1746
Nov, 1936; On voyage back to India from Europe

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