The need for active effort



Commenting on the statement, “Finding God is the eternal problem and struggle,” Baba explained:

It is true. But one must not stop there and make no efforts, taking that problem as impossible to solve, and feeling despondent, give it up. That search and struggle must continue, with added vigor and enthusiasm at every step, and the longing developed so intensely that it becomes one’s only problem in life. To that end, one should struggle, moving on and on, and try to find all sources of enlightenment in the solution of this.

The best, easiest, quickest way is to find a Master who has realized God. Although that is not easy at all, and one may have to come across many false and fake ones before he finds the real one. But if the longing for that eternal search is kept up, he will come across one who will guide him right to the goal.

Even those living in the company with a Master should not feel content and say that they have found everything because they have found a living Master. For even though it is a true statement, it lacks actual experience. And experience can never be had without effort. So try, all of you, to see your Master as he really is, and not as he appears to you. And even in your Master, try to find that infinite experience that pervades everywhere.

-Treasures, p237-238

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