World cleansing



“It seems that every personal ego has to come up to the surface and function, before it can be destroyed, so the national ego, the religious ego, etc., must undergo, in the same way, the same process of destruction. Love can then flow in to replace them. After the [second world] war, Baba told us this cleansing had by no means been fully accomplished, and that there was a choice of two ways to accomplish the rest.

“One would be a third and devastating world war, and the other way would be through small wars, earthquakes, general physical upheaval, starvation for some groups, and religious groups vying with each other, their adherents killing each other to prove that their way was the only way to God.

“Baba then looked around the group, and asked which we thought was the better way. For once unanimous, we said, ‘The second way.’ He made no indication as to the direction in which humanity would be swept, but certainly most of the things that he mentioned as the second way have already happened and are still, in many parts of the world, continuing to cause a general upheaval.”

– Margaret Craske

-The Dance of Love, Margaret Craske, p153

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