In proportionate to each one’s receptivity

After the Avatar’s manifestation, humanity will receive the Light in different degrees proportionate to each one’s receptivity. Those […]

The eternal present

[Baba pointed to a particular man.] Once, you were a child. Now, you have grown up to be […]

The Eternal NOW 

When every moment is rich with eternal significance, there is neither the lingering clinging to the dead past […]

To establish love for the truth

To establish love for the truth is the beginning of right valuation and the beginning of the undoing […]

Controlling thoughts through critical true valuation

One of the requirements of acquiring control over thoughts is to become fully conscious of what they are. They have to be attended to […]

“I will give it at the right time”

Baba then stated: “Experience is not the Goal; having visions is not the Goal. Union with God is […]

Love is the antidote to hatred

Revenge follows hatred and forgiveness follows love. Without love none can cultivate the noble habit of forgetting and forgiving. You forgive a wrong done […]

Why misery perpetually exists on earth

Ivy Duce was sitting beside Baba and they photographed her asking him, “Why should misery perpetually exist […]

Universal suffering and awakening

The present world chaos and universal suffering are absolutely necessary for the eventual universal spiritual upliftment and for a new world, where peace, love […]

What it means “to make your hearts my centers”

Baba asked: “Now what do you understand when I tell you to make your […]