The three principal mental stages a lover has to pass through

Once Meher Baba was asked about the principal mental stages through which His lovers have to pass in order to see Him […]

“Unless I help you, you cannot surrender”

The false ego must be effaced. But this is almost impossible. Removal of the false ego is the end of separate existence.

Ego generally […]

Maya and Sanskaras

Baba then distinguished between Maya and sanskaras:

Suppose you are assailed by anger, lust and […]

“It is all in how you take it”

Baba visited Akbar Press on Monday, 22 October 1934. While there, he explained how the mind changes all aspects of suffering, giving the example […]

In My Presence

I am ever conscious that I am in you, while you are never conscious that I am in you. Daily I support you and […]

Universal heart

If anything ever touches My universal heart it is love. I have crossed the limited earthly oceans to bring to you all the limitless […]

Personal effort

Baba: “Some time ago, I had implanted a spark of Love in the hearts of some of the boys as […]

The working of Maya-9 (Transcending the Falsehoods): God as only Truth

Maya is not illusion; it is the creator of Illusion. Maya is not false; it is that which gives false impressions. Maya is not […]

The working of Maya-8 (Transcending the Falsehoods): The two types of falsehoods (Contd.)

The falsehoods of vitiated thinking spring from initial mistakes in valuation. They arise as a by-product of intellectual activity, which consists in the pursuit […]

The working of Maya-7 (Transcending the Falsehoods): The two types of falsehoods

Falsehoods are of two types: those that arise due to irregular and loose thinking, and those that arise due to vitiated thinking. Falsehoods that […]