“Unless I help you, you cannot surrender”

The false ego must be effaced. But this is almost impossible. Removal of the false ego is the end of separate existence.

Ego generally expresses itself as pride. So a man says, “I alone did that work. It is only I who could work that way.” Pride nourishes the ego.

The other aspect of the ego is still more subtle. It is connected with your so-called inalienable identification with body and mind. You feel that it is perfectly natural for you to say, “I am so-and-so. I see. I touch. I smell. I speak. I taste. I dream. I sleep. I am awake…” and so on. To have the Real Experience, the false ego has to be transformed into the Real “I.”

This is not easy. In this process the false ego, with all its subtlety, wages a guerilla warfare. It tries to deceive one at every step. Keeping the company of saints and Masters is the remedy. The hard shell of the ego becomes softer and softer in their company, and one then becomes courageous enough to face one’s own weakness.

By leading a fearless and honest life, hypocrisy gradually gets weakened. When the heart becomes absolutely clean with honesty, hypocrisy is completely wiped off. This is a very long process, not only in terms of years but in terms of reincarnations!

When the false ego is effaced, God manifests and plurality is merged in Unity forever. This is the Real Experience. If such a One lives among men as Man and God, He is called a Sadguru. He brings Unity into plurality. Try to get a glimpse of the Master’s Infinitude within you. For this, you have to leave all and follow Him alone in the manner He decides for you.

Such dedication is not easy! Mind stands in your way. It says, “What a hasty decision! Is it good to surrender to the Master? He may be a fake!” Then the heart steps in and says, “Do you not feel yourself as a changed person in His company? Is such a loving and calm atmosphere experienced elsewhere? Is He not the One whom you were seeking?”

Thus the conflict between the mind and the heart goes on. Particularly when you are away from the Master, the mind begins to play its tricks more powerfully, and the voice of the heart becomes feeble. That is why it is difficult to have an unswerving faith in the Master, and still more difficult to become dust at His Feet.

Unless I help you, you cannot surrender. The moment your surrender is complete, My Grace descends, and then in less than a fraction of a second the goal of becoming “Consciousness Infinite,” or Infinitely Conscious, is realized.

DARSHAN HOURS, pp. 31-35

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