The working of Maya-7 (Transcending the Falsehoods): The two types of falsehoods

Falsehoods are of two types: those that arise due to irregular and loose thinking, and those that arise due to vitiated thinking. Falsehoods that arise due to irregular thinking are less harmful than those that arise from vitiated thinking.

The difference between these two types of falsehood may be brought out by a physiological analogy. Some disorders of the vital organs of the body are functional and some are structural. Functional diseases arise because of some irregularity in the functioning of a vital organ. In these cases there is nothing seriously wrong with the structure of the vital organ. It has merely become sluggish or irregular… all that is necessary is to give it a better tone and strength. In the same way, if falsehoods arise due to some mistakes in the application of the intellect, all that is necessary is more carefulness in the application of the intellect.

In structural disorders the disease comes into existence because of the development of some deformity in the structure or constitution of the vital organ. In these cases, the disorder of the vital organ is of a much graver nature. If there is a structural disease, it is often necessary to perform an operation. Falsehoods that arise due to the vitiation of the intellect are like structural ones. This requires the painful process of removing those desires and attachments that are responsible for vitiating the intellect.

-Extracted from Discourses, 7th Ed., 380-81


My work is to expose maya. When maya gets exposed, Reality is revealed. As maya opposes my work more and more and does its work speedily, it reaches its limit and gets exposed. Thus it becomes the cause of manifesting Reality.  (, p4591)

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