Life’s unending procession

“Baba once told us, he gave us this figure: He said that life was like an unending procession marching along. The people at […]

Balancing the mind and heart

To help others through one’s own example, one must get not only thoroughly drenched but drowned in love. As a prelude one should […]

Every minute is a sort of minor war

On the 24th, a 60-year-old man came to see Baba and said, “Although I have had many minor turning points in my life, […]

Discretion and emotion


“When the intellect discards the dictates of conscience, or when the heart does not respond to what the intellect says, there is disharmony. So […]

The eternal struggle between the head and the heart

[In a letter to Kitty and other western women desciples in London,  Baba wrote:]

…Your heart is so wonderful, always feeling so deeply and […]

Simple, eternal truths

The following instructions, if carried out wholeheartedly by you, will allow you to help my work of spiritualizing the world. They are […]

Purity, love, and service

Not by seeking individual happiness or safety, but by again and again offering one’s life in the service of […]

Dealing with failures: Should be taken as stepping stones

[In a letter to western lovers, Baba wrote:]

…For love never dies. It lives and enables all to live forever, in spite of all […]

Dealing with failings: Faith in Master

Faith in a Perfect Master becomes all-important because it nourishes and sustains faith in oneself and faith in life in the very teeth of […]

Dealing with failings: Once established on the path failings will be swiftly washed away

The Sadguru takes infinite pains to contact and win over the disciple for spiritual life. Since the progress of the disciple is secured only […]