Simple, eternal truths

The following instructions, if carried out wholeheartedly by you, will allow you to help my work of spiritualizing the world.  They are not to be treated like long-established sermons, read, heard and forgotten. They are not to be understood in the light of philosophical slogans preached merely for the sake of preaching.

They are simple, eternal truths which I want all of you to try your utmost to live.

The instructions are:

1.  Amidst all your duties and attachments, let the background of all your thoughts be only the one thought that: “God alone is real, and all else is illusion.”

2.  Infuse into others the idea that the ultimate goal of all life is to know God in His true, infinite aspect.

3.  Think less of yourself and more of others by trying to make others happy, even if you have to suffer for it.

4.  Learn for yourself, and teach others that recognition of God’s Will means not to complain of your lot; That control of the mind means not to be upset by misfortunes; That loving all as children of the same One God means not to be jealous of anyone, and not to hurt the feelings of anyone. , p2340
May, 1943; Meherabad

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