Balancing the mind and heart

To help others through one’s own example, one must get not only thoroughly drenched but drowned in love. As a prelude one should attempt to create a balance between the thoughts of the mind and the feelings of the heart. Mind, however, works much faster. Thoughts are like lightning — first there is the flash and later the sound of thunder. For an equilibrium to be reached, the mind — which is the seat of desires — must be made to function more slowly in order to keep pace with the heart, and no amount of silence or fasting can accomplish this.

If the individual desires the enforcement of equilibrium in the true direction, a consistent acceleration of feelings should be made so that feelings supersede thoughts, i.e. the heart supersedes the mind. To achieve this the only effective fuel is love — unadulterated love. Unless one learns to love in its true sense, one cannot cross the hurdle of the mind. And for one to understand love in its true sense, the only recourse is to dedicate one’s self to the Lord of love, and to hold fast under all circumstances to the feet of the Perfect Master. Any deviation from self-dedication will lead one astray from the path of divine love.

-Life At Its Best, p63

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