20130428 – Value of education


The next morning at ten o’clock, an argument arose among the teachers Pandoba, Phadke and Ramkrishna Gite about the value of education. Pandoba […]

20130426 – Consequence of ignoring Baba’s warning – part 2 (final)

The police superintendent Turekar again came to Baba with tears in his eyes. His family problems had not abated. Baba consoled him, “Why worry? […]

20130425 – Consequence of ignoring Baba’s warning – part 1

A POLICEMAN, S. M. Turekar came with his wife to meet Baba. When he saw Baba, tears of repentance fell from his eyes. He […]

Love and intelligence

However much I may explain to you about love, it will not be fully understood. You cannot understand […]

Remove the mirror of sanskaras and see your own Real Self

To illustrate the working of sanskaras, Baba one day took a mirror out of his coat pocket and explained:

20130418 – A metaphor about God-Realization


Meher Baba was discoursing frequently, and during August, he dictated a splendid metaphor about God-Realization:

Suppose the ocean equals God. But in the […]

20130413 – Significance of the Hindu custom of breaking the coconut


On May 31st, Baba explained the meaning behind the Indian custom of offering a coconut to saints and holy personalities:

The […]

20130412 – Nothing is obtainable without the grace of the Master

Giving other examples to the mandali, Baba continued to write on his slate:

Take this building we are sitting in as the house of […]

It is no joke to escape from Maya’s jaws!

Later that same day, Baba explained to the mandali:

The circumstances which you find yourselves placed in are very difficult. On the one hand, […]

You must try your hardest to hold on to the feet of Baba

Explaining about miracles, Baba pointed out:

It is child’s play for a Sadguru to make the dead come […]