20130428 – Value of education


The next morning at ten o’clock, an argument arose among the teachers Pandoba, Phadke and Ramkrishna Gite about the value of education. Pandoba claimed that education had spoiled India’s traditional family values and trades (such as the son of a tailor or cobbler following in his father’s footsteps), whereas Gite was in favor of it, maintaining that it had greatly benefited the nation. Hearing them, Baba made the following statements:

Education, however faulty and incompetent, is always better than ignorance. It is beneficial and does much good. If not always beneficial financially, education always brings about good mental training. Mentally, it is a step further toward human advancement, betterment and progress. Under all circumstances and at any place, I would repeat and declare that education is and does good. A social system may be defective, even bad, yet you must not blame one for the other – education for the system.


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