20130426 – Consequence of ignoring Baba’s warning – part 2 (final)

The police superintendent Turekar again came to Baba with tears in his eyes. His family problems had not abated. Baba consoled him, “Why worry? Be courageous. Think more and more of me. Don’t wear yourself out. I know your love for me and the circumstances you are put in. Thank me for the suffering that has fallen to your lot.” Baba quoted the following Persian couplet:

“I cause my enemies to flourish and kill my friends.

This I do, and no one has the right to demand why I do so!”

“To a lover drowned in despair, Hafiz has said:
‘Even taking it for granted that you have no hope
to reach the Goal, don’t lose courage. Be brave.
Don’t doubt the Master until you become lost to your self.’ ”

“As you come in my contact, at times you become one hundred percent miserable. But be sure that I know everything. I am the Ocean of love and compassion. Every individual is meant to be happy because God, Who is infinite bliss, is within everyone. One must love God, see God and become God.”

Turekar left comforted.

www.lordmeher.org, p5773

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