20130425 – Consequence of ignoring Baba’s warning – part 1

A POLICEMAN,  S. M. Turekar came with his wife to meet Baba. When he saw Baba, tears of repentance fell from his eyes. He was an old lover and now a deputy superintendent of police. There were two reasons for his sorrow. Baba had instructed him to be honest, but he became corrupted and often took bribes, and did not desist despite Baba’s order. Once when he accepted graft of one hundred rupees, his wife fell ill and he had to spend two hundred rupees for her treatment. He reasoned that whatever was to happen would happen and again began accepting money under the table for certain favors he was in a position to offer. Then his son became sick, and he had to spend much more than what he had illegally collected. Finally, finding circumstances so distressful, he realized it was due to his disobedience to Baba’s order.

Turekar was also grief-stricken because of his daughter. He had arranged her marriage to an Indian boy from Africa. After the marriage, he began hearing rumors that his son-in-law was a eunuch [testicles castrated]. The young man wanted to take his wife to Africa and Baba, knowing the stories were untrue, advised Turekar to let her go with him. But Turekar wanted to have the boy physically examined; and the son-in-law, coming to know of it, immediately left for Africa and never returned. They did not know his whereabouts and subsequently the daughter went insane because of grief. Turekar had to confine her to a mental asylum and repented much for his disobedience to Baba. Knowing how broken-hearted he was, Baba embraced Turekar and forgave him.

-www.lordmeher.org, p5579

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