It is no joke to escape from Maya’s jaws!

Later that same day, Baba explained to the mandali:

The circumstances which you find yourselves placed in are very difficult. On the one hand, worldly attachments allure you, and on the other, the Guru draws you toward him. In the end, it is always the Guru who wins this tug-of-war and frees you from the bondage of Maya. In spite of that, the allurements of Maya are no less formidable. Despite all my explanations and warnings, if a beautiful lady happens to come here, you all will surely gape at her. This is forgivable at present because you are under Maya’s control. But I tell you, try your best to get free of the bindings of Maya.

Suppose there is a person without any teeth. If sweet sugar cane is brought to him, he can neither eat it nor enjoy it because he has no teeth. Inwardly he will think how much better it would be if he had teeth. This, too, is becoming entrapped in the attractions of Maya.

It is no joke to escape from Maya’s jaws! Only the blessing of a Sadguru can save you. In the twinkling of an eye, the Sadguru can turn Maya to dust! He has such powers. Without the Sadguru’s help, there would be no end to births and deaths. Not that he puts out the fire of your illusion, your mind, but he liberates you from it. If he taps you on the forehead to realize you, you become God-Realized! You do not have the least notion of the divine powers which a Sadguru holds in his hands.

Swine live mostly on garbage. If you place heaps of pearls before them, they would still run after garbage. The world is like filth and garbage, and the path of God-Realization is like a path filled with countless pearls. You live in the same condition as swine. You are being shown invaluable pearls, but you remain drawn to the garbage. Only swans know the value of pearls.

Even if I discoursed to you for hundreds of years, you would not listen to me. You must have the Experience, and that can be given in a flash.


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